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12pets.jpg (31854 bytes)
Wide angle of Petsburgh USA built for Animal Planet Daily Network Cable talk show about ... you guessed it, animals, pets, etc., (How’d you know!) This set peaks out at 22' in the center. We have custom built steel animal cage towers through out, a mass of sculpted stones, boulders, fish tank surrounds, a real functional 3’x6’x3’ tub. Two 150 gallon aquariums inset into a scenically painted stucco Mediterranean style villa that takes up an entire sound stage. We, also, have soji screen light boxes vacuform roof tiles, scenically painted decks, functional doorsand gates, rolling work tables/ cabinets and a large faux stone floor.
52porch.jpg (17190 bytes)
One of our first high end stain commercials. This cute little rear elevation of a high end home included a custom built designer window, and a deck/ handrail system that we routed the spindles through the mid rail to have a high end seamlesslook. Great set.
53olympi.jpg (23517 bytes)
They liked the last two high end stain sets we built. So they had us introduce their new interior and exterior line of stains by building this complete sitcom style interior and exterior set. With a 4 door /14 lite French door set surrounded by transom headers and sidelights, real windows, architectural shingles, siding, and soffit. This set would be perfect for a sitcom!

Winn Dixie Commercial

These 4 12x12 Soji Screens are our most popular rental flats used for interior Talk Show backdrops and exterior glass walls.
87.jpg (12239 bytes)
21’ long vinyl sided exterior wall with window nook shake shingle roofing.
27food.jpg (47666 bytes)

WACX Telethon Set

12' x 60' forced perspective of scale model of high rise building center monitor surround area.
28food.jpg (28891 bytes)

WACX Telethon Set

Right side of 12' x 60' forced perspective of scale model of high rise building center monitor surround area.
29capt.jpg (19477 bytes)

WACX Telethon Set

Left side of 12' x 60' forced perspective of scale model of high rise building center monitor surround area.
30capt.jpg (18831 bytes)

Quincy Commercial

This spoof commercial required a set to mimic a chain seafood restaurant.

FOX Health Channel

Looking through louver door openings onto the slate patio sceniced to complete the environment.

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