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Footjoy Commercial

24 x 24 modular laminate oak flooring installs quick. We have several colors and types.
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Zig Zag

60 x 100 carpeted playing field, course for the Alpha Dog Challenge.

Regis & Kathie Lee

Modular scenic stone floor 24' x 40'.

Jeff Foxworthy

When Jeff Foxworthy asked us for a black and gray checkerboard pattern floor we gave him this 30 x 30 matte finish TV tile floor. You can make any pattern with this modular flooring.

Coke Corporate Theme Party

Coke asked me to create a 7000 s.f. high tech floor. This is how we did it-using 3 x 3 black and gray vinyl floor tiles and a client provided random pattern over a 2 layer ply and MDF sub floor. Think of all the possibilities.

Disney Concert Zone

This is a close up of the multi level scenic floor used for the Disney Concert Zone stage for Aaron Carter and Samantha Mumba.

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