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Rental Set Inventory

   We have the largest inventory of existing sets and stages in Florida. You can save hundreds or even thousands on your next project by renting existing sets or having us build you a custom set using pieces of our rental inventory. If you would like, we will sell you an existing set, load it in, strike it and store it for you.
   Click on the following thumbnails, and they will open up to large pictures of the set you choose. I have photos with different views available, if you see something you like call me and I can e-mail you more pictures on the set you are interested in. If you do not see anything you like, please call!! After all our main business is building high quality custom sets for a fair price.
   This set rental/ sales page is just another option for you to save money when you have a tight budget. Please check back often, we will update our inventory page as our stock changes. We are constantly building new sets, props, and stages year round for motion picture TV, concerts, trade shows, etc.

Dennis L. Clegg
President / CEO

t8reel.jpg (10245 bytes)  This is a wide angle shot of the Reel to Reel Game Show with Peter Marshal built for Til Productions and Paxon Network. The set is 12’ tall and consist of 3 areas camera left is main game board a 10’ film reel with seven 3’ film reels inside containing a total of 49 programmable light boxes with programmable neon trim bordering all this is hooked up to a 7 brick multi-function programmable game show control computer system. The top of the set is wrapped with a multilevel vacuform border with inlayed neon and surrounded by 7 light box towers center area is a 3 step laminated pedestal with a 13’ wide wall inset with a 8x12 rear projection screen. The right side is a series of CNC cut custom metal laminator soji screen panels backed in 1000H vellum and two of these panels are sliding door systems backed by a scenic vacuform trim wall for contestants to enter. Oh yeah, did I mention the host podium and contestant podium with random access control buttons to game board and light    boxes.   Available

t21water.jpg (9811 bytes)    This is the Regis & Kathie Lee Myan Temple set shot in Asian  land at the Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park. This is a beautiful 24 x 40 stage with inset custom stairs. The entire set is 3D sculpted and hardcoated facade including stone skirt boulders, columns, and temple. With a 24 x 40 modular scenic floor. This set is on a stagewright adjustable leg decking system. We can load this set in 1/2 a day - 1 1/2   days depending on whether it is on stage or in the woods. Great look!  Available

t37dream.jpg (9224 bytes)    Camera right Mickey's Magic Dungeon Set we built for an in-house mini movie to promote the creation of Animal Kingdom Theme Park. This is where Merlin Mickey conjured up the magical land. The set is approximately 32' deep X 20' wide with a 7' turret with 4' wide winding stairs, stone walls arched amber leaded glass heavy scenic stucco with hit and miss 3D stones 16' x 6' x 2' arch header and pollup style columns.  Available

t53olympi.jpg (18727 bytes)    They liked the last two high end stain sets we built. So they had us introduce their new interior and exterior line of stains by building this complete sitcom style interior and exterior set. With a 4 door /14 lite French door set surrounded by transom headers and sidelights, real windows, architectural shingles, siding, and soffit. This set would be perfect for a sitcom!   Available

t41rimes.jpg (6084 bytes)    4 level 40 x 40 dock, wharf stage created for LeAnn Rimes Disney Channel concert complete with real pilings 3 built up stages (2) 30+/- long gangway docks with stairs everywhere. (See next picture for cross shot)  Available

t50revol.jpg (9030 bytes)#50    Revolution cycle exercise video lots of (wild) MTV Style set pieces: monitor walls, columns, trusswork, decorative laminate risers, foam core sinage. These loose modular pieces can be mixed and matched with 15-20 other pieces we have, to come up with hundreds of different looks. Rent them today!   Available

t51hook.jpg (8484 bytes)    Captain Hook's playhouse we built for the Disney Cruise Line
introductory commercials. Playful cartoonistic wavy siding with exaggerated wood graining. Beautiful wild props. Scenic wood floor
and ropes.   Available

t58lowes.jpg (9289 bytes)    Super old fashion mom and pop style front entrance to hardware store could easily change vinyl and become antique store, toy store, and anything else you can imagine.  Available

t60lowes.jpg (6059 bytes)    Lots of 16' one walls with pilasters for Lowe's commercial, and the old walking on the wall gag shot in our topsy turvey room camera right. Rent some of these walls!  Available

t76ibm.jpg (9025 bytes)    One of my favorite pieces. 15' tall replica of a Fender Stratocaster neck. Built for an IBM Corporate meeting. Extremely accurate detail. A "must" to rent for any show that has to do with music. The walls are a grid map of the globe with musical notes floating around. Set is 16 tall &  90'+ wide with 4 rear projection openings and a podium you can really play. Paints and vinyl are fluorescent to achieve many different looks through lighting techniques.  Available

t81kwest.jpg (7954 bytes)    Super 2 sided theme party set recreation of Sloppy Joe's Bar from Key West, Brick columns separate scenically painted walls with neon borders on protruding sinage canopy. See next picture for interior elevations.  Available

t97.jpg (6841 bytes)     This mural and cut out ground row was created for a high end theme party company. This photo was taken in a dimly lit shop look at the vibrancy of the colors.  Available

t101.jpg (7100 bytes)#101   When we were approached by Schweppes to do a new age high tech looking oversized bar for a 2.1 million dollar commercial with the largest cast of animal actors ever used in Orlando, we were delighted to oblige with this huge 26' x tall 72' wide x 52' deep oval set with textured 4 x 4 stone flooring green granite walls, huge tapered columns and real upholstered vinyl oversized booths. And a lot of sculpted props and custom furniture. Not to mention the 50 x 100 x 1' pool we built between Nickelodeon Studios and Hard Rock Cafe with a 50x 100 bluescreen and custom built dock, deck house and furniture. Rent some of this set for your next feature. See next picture.  Available

t108.jpg (5899 bytes)   These 12 x 12 soji screen grid walls are our most popular rental. They can be used for interior glass walls and an interior high tech soji screen treatment, with light 1000H velum with Gobos, for patterns, logos, and have us build insert panels out of wood or laminate. For logo panels, etc.

Dennis Clegg
Chief Operating Officer
C&S Themed Events and Environments
Office 407-826-9075
Fax 407-826-9095
6127 Cyril Ave.
Orlando, Florida 32809
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